JSCC Library — DVD Collections (The Great Courses)

Some instructors (and students) know what I’m talking about when I mention the JSCC Library’s “Great Courses” DVDs.  Some have already made use of these resources — but not nearly as many as might benefit by doing so.

The Great Courses are a series of DVDs covering various courses and subjects, and created by instructors.  They are designed to supplement, not replace, the instruction faculty members provide and students receive in their own institutions.

Each Great Course DVD title consists of brief lectures, usually 30 minutes long; there might be 12, 24, 36, or more lectures in each title.  Information is presented in small amounts, one topic per each short lecture.  If a student is having problems with, or wants to know more about, a particular topic presented in his or her own class – a Great Course DVD lecture might provide invaluable assistance.

How to find DVDs in this series?  Access the JSCC Library homepage (http://library.jscc.edu), and then login to the Library’s online catalog via the link,  Find a Book/DVD/Video.  This link is found on the Library’s homepage, under “Resources.”

Once in the catalog, click on the down arrow beside the word, “Keyword,” and choose to search by “Title.”  In the search line, type the keywords:  great courses.

You will see the screen below, when you click the “Search” button:

blog picture 1

Above are the subject area divisions for Library-owned Great Courses DVDs; divisions such as: Business & economics; Communication skills; Modern history; and, Science & mathematics.  The number of DVD titles available in the JSCC Library for each subject area is indicated under “Entries Found.”  Each of these subject areas is a link; click into the link, to get information about the DVD titles included.

From the list above I might click on, for example, Great Courses (DVD). Modern history.  The “Entries Found” information for this link indicates that the Library owns two Great Courses DVD titles that are under the subject area of modern history.

When I click on the link, I will see these two titles:

Blog picture 2

In order to get more information about a particular title, I would do just as I would do with any other Library resource record; click into the bold, underlined title.  So, if I want to see the full record for the first title, A brief history of the world, I click on the title link and retrieve the full record, as seen in the screenshots below:

Blog 3

If you want a quick look at what lectures are included in this title, look at the “Contents” area:

blog 4

The lectures included on each disc, are listed in the Contents area of the title’s online catalog record.

On top of the well-presented and interesting lectures, all the Great Courses DVD titles come with a guide or guides to supplement the lecture material.

If you’d like to see other titles available from Great Courses, check out The Great Courses website.  “Courses by Topic” can be browsed; look at this area, located on the left side of the website homepage.  Great Courses titles are often very expensive – but sales for recent titles are always available, sometimes with up to 70-80% price discounts.

Search the JSCC online catalog for these DVD titles; you might find something you’d like to use in your classes.  Check out the Great Courses website as well; you might see a title you’d like for the Library to purchase and add to our collection for your future use.

Also — if you want your students to view a particular lecture or two, the Library will put Great Courses DVD titles on “Library use only” Reserve.   This will ensure that all the students in your class(es) get a chance to benefit from the knowledge available in these very fine resources.

If you have problems finding or accessing the JSCC Library Great Courses DVD titles – or problems finding any JSCC Library resources – please contact a Library personnel member.  Reference desk extension:  #50572.

—  Joyce Johnston, JSCC Library – Cataloging/Reference