How to entice faculty to order more library materials

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How to entice faculty to order more library materials

If you invite your faculty members to the library and offer them food you will no doubt have a great turn out.  Why? Because let’s face it all of us like to eat!  A few semesters ago I decided to invite our faculty to the library to have a few snacks and conversation. It was a great turnout, never in my wildest dreams did I think that over half of the faculty would show up.  While they were in the library I seized the opportunity to discuss acquisitions and to talk about the importance of faculty participation in this process. I discussed how faculty members could shape the collection for years to come, and stressed that their input was key to students finding resource material to write their papers and to complete assignments. I must say they were very receptive and as a result several of them requested books. Perhaps the hook was the food, but the most important fact is that JSCC Faculty came to the library.

Faculty Book review

Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert, Reviewed by Letitia Hudlow, JSCC Faculty

I bought Eat, Pray, Love while on vacation at the beach. Just as I wanted my days at the beach to go on and on, reading Eat, Pray, Love was a wonderful adventure that I did not want to end… The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, writes in a witty and honest way about her post-divorce journey to find herself and God. The 108 stories in her memoir are structured around the 108 beads used by devout Hindus and Buddhists to help them stay focused on their meditations. Her travels in search of self take her, not only deep within herself, but also to Italy to indulge in some of the best food on the planet, to India to search for the voice of God and to Indonesia where she finds unexpected love. By book’s end, the reader feels that she has learned about the life of the author, but, better still, when the last page is read, the reader has learned about herself as well.

JSCC  Library Student’s Corner

BY Maigan Bradbury

The library at Jackson State has helped me a lot this year. In high school, I never had to use the library.  Here, it is a different story.

 Because I am a communications major, I have to read and write a lot. One of my classes required me to select a book from among certain books of poetry and act them out in front of the class. With the help of the library staff at Jackson State, it was very easy to find a great book to use for my class. I also had a speech class where we had to find a lot of journal and magazine articles for resource information to make a speech, and also create a works cited page. The Jackson State Library has links to databases and to the online catalog that will take you to magazines, and journals which have information about the subject you are researching. These resources are very simple to use, and helped tremendously with my school work. The databases even gave me article citations for my work cited page.

The library is a place that I became familiar with more and more during the year. I thank the library staff for being so helpful when I needed it.


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